Who Can Participate?

You can participate if you meet both of these criteria:

  • You are a male Hadley. The y-chromosome is passed from father to son, pretty much unchanged from generation to generation. While there are other DNA tests that work with females, the Hadley DNA Project is based on the y-chromosome test.
  • You have at least started your genealogical research using conventional means. Starting your research with a DNA test is not usually a good idea. When you register for the project, we will ask you to send us a list of your Hadley ancestory, starting with yourself. This will help us identify DNA patterns for the various Hadley lines.

As part of a "Surname Project" we get a substantial discount compared to the list prices. There are several y-chromosome tests available, based on the number of "markers" examined on the chromosome. Most of the current participants have chosen the 25-marker test, however because of new lower prices, we now recommend the 37-marker test.

You can start with the 12-marker test and then later upgrade to more moarker without having to submit a new DNA sample. But it is more expensive than just ordering the 25 or 37 marker test in the first place, and if you have a match with the 12-marker test, FTDNA and The Hadley DNA Project recommend upgrading. Of course, you certainly can start off with one of the tests that examine more than the 25 markers.

Please check the cost shown on the FTDNA order form. Sometimes they offer special prices on the 25, 37, and 67-marker tests. So if you are planning to order the 25-marker test check if the 37 or 67 is less.

The 37-marker kit (Y-DNA37), which we recommend, is $149 (US), plus $2 shipping in the US. (Non-US shipping is slightly more. Eg. UK shipping is $4). If you prefer, you can go with the 12-marker kit for $99 (Y-DNA12) plus shipping, but you will likely want to upgrade later at a higher cost. There is also the 25-marker test, which many of us got before they had the 37 at a lower price, for $124.

To "upgrade" from the 12-marker results to 25 markers you don't need to resubmit the DNA sample; They keep your original sample on ice. But, it is less expensive to get the 25-marker test from the start. The upgrade is called "Y-DNARefine" and costs $100. So your total cost is $199 to do it in two steps. It is $124 to do 25-markers right off the bat, saving $75.

I'm ready to participate. What do I do now?

  1. Order your test kit by going to the special order form to get the reduced group rate. You can pay by credit card at the time of order (recommended) or you can send the payment with your test kit (the "invoice method").
  2. You will get a test kit in the mail. Just follow the instructions to scrape the inside of your mouth to get the DNA sample, just like on CSI. Mail the DNA samples in the envelope provided. Depending on how busy the test lab is, the results can take from 4-7 weeks. You'll get the results by email and hardcopy mail.
  3. Send your Hadley ancestry to our Project Administrator (Brad Hadley) at admin@hadleydna.org. We are in the process of changing the information we collect, so check with Brad before sending this information.