What might the results tell us?

There is a lot of missing information related to our Hadley families that we think DNA information can help us find. Some of our initial thoughts:

  • The results tell us whether two participants share a common ancestor. So finding a match means you have a "cousin" with whom you can coordinate your research.
  • How many distinct Hadley lines are there?
  • Is there a connection between the Simon, George, Dennis, Joseph and other Hadley lines?
  • Are there linkages between the current UK Hadley lines and the US and Canadian lines? How about with the Australian Hadley lines?
  • How are Hadleys in other countries related?
  • ... and much more!

What have the results told us so far?

From the results so far, we have confirmed that:

  • Simon Hadley, from Ireland, and George Hadley of Ipswich, Massachusettes are not related, at least not within the past 600 years.
  • Joseph Hadley of Yonkers, NY and George Hadley of Ipswich, MA share a common ancestor. This seems to confirm the belief that Joseph was George's son.
  • There are many distinct Hadley lines.

To see the results so far, go to the Results Page.